Friday, June 19, 2009

Portrait Photography for the Garzone Family

Just another example of our fine family portraits.

Baxter Baby Cakes

Leo and I love when the babies come in for a baby cakes. We never know what the reactions will be. Some love the cake, some are not so sure. You get great expressions from the little ones. Enjoy!!

Well, here we go. I will be posting several videos today. I hope you enjoy them, because we enjoy bringing them to you.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

It seems like along time since I been here and it has. So much has happen.
On a sad note, Leo's father passed away on the 6th of June. He was in a nursing home for the last 2 years and slowing deteriorating. We did celebrate his 89th birthday with him on the 28th of May. We did see him on that day about an hour before he passed. He is at peace now. FIRST TODAY....this was his fathers toast.

We had a busy week getting the funeral set and getting Leo's 2 boys up from Florida. His sister and 2 nieces also came in from Michigan/Vermont. It is always good to see family, but hopefully we will be able to see them at some other happier occasion next time.

On Saturday June 13th, we had a big picnic for family and friends to come and enjoy the day with us. What a turnout!! It was great. James and LT had a nice group of friends they had not seen. My family and a very good friend came up too.

Now what's next. How about back surgery. I can't wait. In and out same day. Everyday the same old thing, my back is killing me, with pain going down my leg. I spoke with several people who have had the surgery and they said it is wonderful after.

I will be posting serveral weddings and sessions we have done over the last couple of weeks shortly. Keep posted.