Thursday, January 19, 2012

Puppys grow too fast

A bundle of fluffy joy??? He is soooo cute. But he is a puppy, who bites on everything, poops/pees everywhere and often, and he is soooo cute, soft and fluffy and he doesn't listen yet(will he ever). This first photo of DeSoto is at 7weeks, so small, soft, fluffy, cuddley and cute.

DeSoto had his first photo shoot with Angel Moon Photography, just the other day. He is like a baby, growing so fast. It seems like everyday he is just alittle bit bigger and weights just alittle bit more. He is now 9weeks old and is the size of most small fully grown dogs, but he has a long way to go into become a full grown Alaskan Malamute.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Beautiful September Wedding at Nuchies in Forestville CT

Yes, I know it's January, but this is a cute story. Leo and I were getting ready for our work day when the phone rang at about 730am. It was September 11th and in New York City the memorial was opening for the first time. Many important figures were going to be there. We didn't know that the event was going to effect us that day.

Leo answered the phone and a gentleman started asking if we were available to photograph a wedding, what is the cost?? Leo answered his questions and they hung up. We didn't think anything of it. We continued to get ready. The gentleman called back, we need you at 330pm for our wedding. Ok, into action we went. We were able to rearrange our schedule and arrived half hour before the wedding.

We found out later, the photographer they were going to have was a friend. He lived in Pennsylvania and was coming in by train. The problem was, due to the Sept 11th memorial dedication, New York closed down the train station and you could not travel into or out of New York. They did not find this out until late the night before.

It was the grooms job to find someone and he did. It was a wonderful day for the happy couple. We were honored to photograph their special day. Check out the video to see the highlights we captured that day.