Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bristol Central High Bristol CT Grad Party June 2011

Another great Photo Gallery Deluxe. This time with Bristol Central High School for their graduation night party. Check out the video to see more of their fun images.

Photo Gallery Deluxe can be used for your next event. We can accommodate small or large parties. Photo Gallery Deluxe can be used with the little ones, up to grown ups. (they like to play too.) Call Angel Moon Photography for details at 860-584-9789.

LSM Project Grad June 2011 at the Plainville CT YMCA

Lewis S Mills really enjoyed their time with us doing our Photo Gallery Deluxe.

What is Photo Gallery Deluxe?? It's FUN!! It's simple. Just dress up and have your photo taken. They can go and do other activities while we print their images. They come back and have a great souvenir of the evening. They can dress up as many times as they like.

Unlike Photo Booth, each person in the photo, receives a 4x6 copy. You can have 10 or more in the group and everyone still receives a copy. With Photo booth you get 2 slips with 4 tiny images.

The graduates all agree that Photo Gallery Deluxe rocks compared to Photo Booth.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

OMG We got a car!

OMG We got a car. Yes, after six months of trying to find the perfect car, we finally found it. Guess what...It is not blue. It is black. My black beauty. It is a 2008 Mercury Mainer fully loaded. I can't believe some of the options (or geez whiz) stuff that it has. Heated leather seats, 6 cd changer w/MP3 player and Sirrus radio installed if we wish to get that. Auto on/off headlights/keyless entry/moon roof/auto locks/and the other mechanical stuff that Leo was looking for.

I do want to say Wallingford Auto Park was the best. No pressure, the car was clean, they let us take the car for a test drive without anyone but us. There was no dealer telling us how great the car was. We must have spent over an hour checking out everything from the radio to the heated seats.That was was 83 degrees so I didn't know if it was me or the seat that was hot.

After checking it out the sales guy was nice. Didn't push us (which I like). They said yes to almost everything we told them to fix..all minor but still great customer service.

A quick note. One thing I believe car salesmen forget is Customer Service. Leo and I went to at least 15 different dealerships. Only one, other than Wallingford Auto Park, actually took the time out to help us. I guess they all are rich and don't need the business.

We had out mechanic, Black Bear Auto in Bristol, check the car out. No problems with this car. Excellent shape. But needs a transmission flush. Ok, told the sales person and we have an appointment Monday morning to have that done, on them.

The best part is the lights on the dash at night light up very well and in a very pretty BLUE.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Travis's High School Senior Session

High School Senior portraits should be fun and express each senior's personality. Check out this video of Travis's High School Senior Session and see how much fun he had. Then call ANGEL MOON PHOTOGRAPHY NOW for your special session at 860-584-9780. Don't miss out. Call today.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness

I titled this Breast Cancer Awareness. This is why. We had a very special lady come to us to do an UnderCover Angels session. When asked why this important to her, she told us of her story.

Tammy had breast cancer and is a survivor. She endured the unthinkable. A double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. If anyone has gone thru this process, you know. It takes so much out of you. I personally have not been here. I feel the women that have, are more courageous and have more strength then I.

Tammy, as you can see, is not only strong and courageous, she is beautiful. When she walked out of our studio, she got what she wanted the most. She wanted to feel like a women again. She was empowered. She felt sexy.

It was also great that she was surrounded by friends that participated in the session too.(One was her sister) They all encouraged each other. They teased and complimented each. They all walked out with that special smile on their face.

For Leo and I, this means so much. I can't describe it. So many emotions. I don't even know the proper wording to use.

We salute Tammy and all the survivors. If you don't feel like a women, come join us for an Undercover session. It could change your live.