Thursday, March 31, 2011

Opening Day for Baseball

Everyone has looked forward to this day all winter.

Well, today is busy here in the studio, so we will just get the scores later. Honestly, I know the Yankees are playing but I don't know who. And Boston doesn't play until tomorrow.

Leo's team is the Boson Red Sox. Go Sox!! (Leo made me do it)

Me, I am a Yankee girl.

When I first met Leo I couldn't believe he was a Red Sox fan. I thought everyone in Connecticut was Yankee fans. I lived in Fairfield County close to New York. I went to the stadium a couple times a year. My daughter was 6 months old when she went to her first Yankee game.

I love Leo with all my heart but I told him everyone has a flaw and that is his. (Haha)

Of course the Red Sox bear's name is Leo. The Yankee bear's name is Boomer after another Yankee fan, my son.

And yes, Yankee fans and Boston Fans can get along. They actually can fall in love.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

UnderCover Angels

Recently, we had a group of women who participated in our UnderCover Angel program. WOW!! These women were confident, strong and a whole lot of fun. They told us we were amazing but let's be real.

We DO amazing work but we wouldn't be able to without them. They brought their smiles, energy and excitement. They were also nervous, but after 5 minutes, they had a wonderful time. And we captured great images of each of them.

Remember going to a Tupperware party? How about a jewelry or naughty nightie party?
We all didn't want to go sometimes but it was a family member or really good friend who was having the party. So we went....and we had fun because of the people at the party. Of course we bought something because we wanted to help them. And in the end, we loved what we brought.

Our UnderCover Angel Program is similar. We have our hostess and she brings in a couple of her friends. We have a party. This party is soooo much fun. Wine, champagne, cheese, crackers, fruit, chocolate (can't have a party without chocolate), friends and FUN.

A sneak preview of some images. Video coming soon.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

CPPA Convention What makes you smile ?

Special Category

What a smile and so cute.

Leo won this category with this cute guy, who was having a great day in the pool, at a family picnic, 4th of July weekend. And it was taken a couple of years ago. Guess who the little guy is??

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Is Spring Here yet??

Happy St Patty's day and the temp 64 degrees outside. Beautiful. Just went and got an ice coffee, then to the Page park to enjoy the beautiful weather. Leo and I sat in front the the big pond and watched the geese and ducks. There was a father and his daughter feeding the birds.

There was still some ice on the pond and the bird tried to swim thru it. Interesting to watch as they waddled toward the water they could swim in.

Well can't play all day back to work.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


What can I say. I love my boys. Jacob(on the right), 12 and is acting like it.(where did my little guy go). Jared(on the left)9, he makes me laugh and is a handful.

And the two little ones, Jayden 4, he could be Boomer's(my son) mini me. And Justin turning 3 April 23rd. What can I say about him..soooo cute. My daughter says he is so smart like Jacob but gets into trouble like Jared.

The boys love to visit. They know grandma and papa Leo will do something fun. At this time we will take to two older ones overnight for a couple of nights. You forget what hard work it is when you have children around.

When the little ones get bigger they will be able to stayover too. So glad they moved back North.

One of the things the older kids missed was snow. I think they got a good dose of it this winter. The only thing is they live in the Bronx and they really don't close school for snow that much. They only closed once during this snow season.

Jacob and Jared helping Papa Leo clear the snow from out first storm the day after Christmas. They were excited to help.

After shoveling and snow blowing we took them sled riding, which they haven't done in 3 years. Get to visit them this weekend.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

CTPPA Convention Weekend

This past weekend Leo and I attended the CTPPA Convention(Connecticut Professional Photographer's Association). There were great speakers and lots of fun. We attended the pj party Saturday night in our matching pj bottoms. That's just us.
I remember someone telling us that staying for the whole convention (staying overnight) and participating in the events would give us more. More in the sense belonging and getting to know the other members. They really are fun and caring. You learn so much from all they have to offer. You will become a better photographer.